The first thing I need to say is SCROLL!

Sorry to shout, but this is the end (sort of) of this blogs officially graded part of the journey through 157.240 Social Media Networks for Business first 6 weeks of study. I will try to attempt to keep updating each week with what I learn and continue the conversation with you all.

To read through what it has all been about you need to scroll all the way back to the first question I looked to understand, explain and answer way down here.

I’ll assume you’ve done the above and have found your way back to here, Thanks! Thanks for taking the time to have a look at what I have learned and perhaps even feeding back some of your own thoughts.

To say that social media and therefore social media networks for businesses is an evolving field is probably the understatement of the century. To attempt to cover everything within this subject and maintain its relevance, with up to date terms and technologies is almost impossible. It just moves forward far to fast for any one piece of research or study to remain truly on point. What is not impossible to understand however, is social media and it’s networks profound effect on world. The way we interact personally at home and the way we interact professionally at work. The world we live in has moved beyond chatting with your neighbour across the fence, party lines for the rural community and fax machines. We now have the capability to be a truly globally connected planet.

From what I have learned so far the majority of businesses are looking to embrace and leverage these new abilities, with varying levels of success. As will all new technologies it has its risks and we have already seen one boom and bust in regards to the first internet bubble of web 1.0. However this is not going to stop businesses wanting to be social and companies forming to either facilitate or educate them with this. Whole industries are emerging based solely in the realm of social. For me there are parallels to be drawn with other technological breakthrough that changed the way businesses could operate. TV and radio changed advertising completely, but not every company you interacted with had a TV ad, the barriers to entry were just to high for some. Perhaps this is the greatest change that the social media explosion has brought forth so far. It has removed the barrier. Customers can be connected to you company and brand instantaneously through platforms that have zero financial coast to enter. Once there the reach and influence if done rightly can be huge!

So the conversation has begun and businesses all around the world are talking, listening and taking part.


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