157.240 Social Media Networks for Business

Q: When is a blog not a blog?
A: When it is an assignment.

Okay so the above statement may not be entirely correct because there is no avoiding the fact that this is indeed a blog. But as the answer alludes to, it is a blog with a specific purpose. That is to try, as best I can, to fulfil the requirements of the first assignment that is part of the paper 157.240, Social Media Networks for Business at Massey University in New Zealand.

First things first, who am I? Well if you want you can check out my LinkedIn page or read here which gives you a brief bit of a background. The even more abridged version is that I am a mature student currently studying while working full-time in Hong Kong. I am studying towards a Batchelor in Business Studies with a double major in Marketing and Business information Systems.

The unique nature of this paper and Massey’s approach to the subject is it is entirely taught online. To paraphrase from our lecturer “Over the next 12 weeks we will look at social networks being adopted by large and small businesses. How it is effecting the communications, relationships and opportunities of those business. Examining the current and emerging theories and strategies around building online communities, and explore the technologies that are driving our current Web 2.0 and then new 3.0 technologies that we will see in the very near future.”

Hopefully, I will be able to expand my knowledge and also collaborate with others through these weekly blogs targeted at answering the questions that arise from each week of the paper as I progress.

If you ended up here because you are also doing this paper, please comment, share, critique and get involved. If you stumbled upon this blog for any other reason, please feel free to do the same.

Who knows, with the help of you, the internet and my lecturer, I might even pass!